ELLEN ALLIEN brings LEBANON HANOVER to the Techno floors

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Ellen Allien, a Berlin-based Techno DJ, producer and label owner with superstar status in her genre, brings Lebanon Hanover to the dance floors of the world’s Techno clubs.

Techno and darkwave have always been intersecting each other at many points. And sometimes to the point, they cannot be distinguished from each other anymore. It’s almost a natural corollary to merge these two worlds and bring great darkwave anthems to the Techno floors. With “Gallowdance” the Berlin/Newcastle-based duo Lebanon Hanover have birthed such an anthem and their discography obviously offers even more material with dance floor potential. Larissa Iceglass’ apathetic, yet confident and firm voice perfectly matches the propulsive beats of Ellen Allien and injects the typical otherworldly cold wave atmosphere.

Initially, Ellen Allien made these edits exclusively for her DJ sets in 2019, but fans and even Lebanon Hanover themselves were so enthralled, they asked her to drop official releases of the remixes.

About Lebanon Hanover Ellen is saying:

“I’m a fan of Lebanon Hanover. They’re my weekly soundtrack at home, dancing around the carpet with my friends,” says Ellen. “They display a radical side without screaming, but understated and cool, clever poetry and stories in every song that appeal to me completely. Their lyrics speak to my soul and embody a feeling for me of where I come from. The Berlin of the past, that was empty and changeable, full of possibility from which we were finally able to blossom. Although Larissa sings in a very pretty way, the attitude is one of truth and melancholy, not pretending that the world is sweet and happy, but full of intensity, it’s sexy and truthful.”

“Invite Me To Your Country” and two different versions of “Living On The Edge” have been released on Ellen Allien’s acclaimed Techno label BPitch Control and are available here:

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