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KAE is undergoing some voluntary, necessary and exciting changes to achieve two important things.

The first goal: less restrictions, more creative freedom

Producing radio shows is always a great pleasure and is done with a lot of effort and attention to detail. Unfortunately, however, radio shows are bound to a certain length (namely in this case exactly 57 minutes), also the time of day of the broadcast often influences the choice of music.

Therefore, KAE shows will soon be available in podcast format on Mixcloud – so shows can be produced in free length and of free content.

Also, in future KAE will draw musically from the full range of music from all over the world and no longer limit itself – the last show MIDNIGHT DRIVERS II already included tracks by a US band. The focus will still be on music from Europe, but there will be no more creative restrictions upon the production of shows.

With the new shows, I want to create a journey that listeners can immerse themselves in for a little longer and that also has sonic surprises and creative highlights. The shows on Mixcloud will therefore have a length of (approximately) 90 – 120 minutes.


Second goal: creating the possibility of a compensation for the work for KAE

Curating and producing the (non-commercial) radio shows, maintaining the website, researching and writing texts, technical maintenance and troubleshooting take up a lot of time in the background. This immense time investment (usually late in the evening after regular work and on weekends), as well as many financial expenses, are offset by zero income. Despite the greatest effort, these circumstances can unfortunately no longer be sustained economically in the current inflation.

However, covering the KAE website with random Google ads is out of question.

Therefore, over the next few weeks, KAE will gradually shift the focus to Mixcloud: there will be a monthly show as a livestream, which will again be announced with a countdown on the KAE website and a direct link. However, the following archived show will initially only be available to paying subscribers (early access), and will only be made available to the general public after a certain period of time.

Further livestreams will only be available to subscribers. Mixcloud offers the possibility to chat with the host and the community during the exclusive livestreams. Mixcloud also offers the possibility of exclusive postings for subscribers only, which KAE will most likely make use of as well. It is a similar principle as with Patreon.

Another very important advantage is that the artists whose music is played in the shows are also remunerated via Mixcloud! So it’s a wonderful thing for creators like KAE, as well as for the musicians, and an easy way for listeners and music enthusiasts to support creators and musicians and show appreciation for their work.

For those of you who have been waiting for the archiving of the last show MIDNIGHT DRIVERS II, I unfortunately have some less pleasant news: the previous shows will be uploaded to Mixcloud in chronological order and with appropriate time intervals, which means that MIDNIGHT DRIVERS II will not be uploaded for a few weeks and will then only be available to subscribers for the time being before it is made available to the general public. So you will have to be patient until MIDNIGHT DRIVERS II will be available.

I am looking forward to the new creative freedom and a completely new way of working! More detailed information will follow in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for a new, exciting journey in 2023!