Music video for ANIQO’s new single “Fear” out today!

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Today, the Berlin based singer and songwriter Anita Goß a.k.a. ANIQO, whose songs “Fake” and “Must Surrender” were featured in the UNEARTHED #2 broadcast, has dropped a hauntingly aesthetic music video for her new single “Fear”.

On the subject of fear ANIQO wrote on her Facebook page:

“I am afraid every day. It comes from within and from without – the pressure of not being able to withstand the demands – not being able to meet one’s own standards – not being enough. The fear of not being loved and the fear of not being able to love anymore. I am afraid of growing old, of being stubborn – of no longer being able to see the world with childlike eyes and feel it with a true heart. I am afraid of people – afraid of myself. I work every day to free myself from this… I want to be free, brave – open like a child. I want to go into the light.”

Would ANIQO have given in to her fears, we would hear a claustrophobic anthem on isolation, or, in worst case, we would hear just nothing. But “Fear” is surprisingly fresh, courageous and underpinned by an atmosphere of overcoming. Like that uplifting moment in which we decide to face our demons and take that leap of faith, a leap into the unknown, where our destiny awaits.

The video, made by Matthias Pfeiffer a.k.a. Pupillendriller, perfectly matches the atmosphere of the song. Its clear symbolic imagery tells a story of universal and existential subject matter: fearing the own masked shadow, running away, hiding in the woods, running through the night, taking a bewildered look into the mirror, which is broken and distorted… in the end, taking off the protecting coat and showing yourself to the light the way you are. If KULTURARCHIV EUROPA would do star ratings, “Fear” would get a 5 of 5.



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