Next KAE broadcast on 10/10/2022 – UNEARTHED #13

You are currently viewing Next KAE broadcast on 10/10/2022 – UNEARTHED #13


10/10/2022 – 4 PM (CET)

The selection for the 13th episode of UNEARTHED is a colourful mixture of very different genres: experimental electronica meets psychedelic, krautrock and far-eastern tribal elements… But what they all have in common is their energy and their originality. This selection is guaranteed to put you in a good mood as the autumn days get colder.

So tune in on Monday, October 10, 2022 at 4pm (CET) on ALEX Berlin on 91.0 MHz FM or via livestream on the radio station’s website. Curated and hosted by Joanna A. Stotko.

A lil foretaste: