UNEARTHED #7 – EXTENDED MIXTAPE broadcast #013 from 28.02.2022

EXTENDED MIXTAPE to UNEARTHED #7 is the Spotify mixtape to broadcast #013 from 28.02.2022, featuring all titles from the broadcast as well as some additional tracks from the area of psych rock, neo-krautrock, experimental & alternative rock, as well as a bit of dream & space rock.

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UNEARTHED #3 presents: IN TRANCE 95

Band name: IN TRANCE 95 (IT95) Members, line-up and contributors: Άλεξ Μαχαίρας (Alex Machairas) Νίκος Βελιώτης (Nik Veliotis) Past member: Γιώργος Γερανιός (George Geranios) Support for live shows: Magdalena Sverlander Anna Athanasouli Sound Engineering: Coti K. Year of origin: Formed in May 1988 by Alex Machairas and Nik Veliotis, after…

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ARCHIVED BROADCAST #009 from 11.10.2021

UNEARTHED #3 POST-PUNK, DARK WAVE, EBM, COLD WAVE & ELECTRO PUNK ARCHIVED BROADCAST #009 - third part of the new broadcast series UNEARTHED presenting some great artists from the area of Post-Punk, Dark Wave, EBM, Cold Wave and Electro Punk. Musical gems from the European archive, curated and hosted by…

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