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Artist-, project- or bandname:

T.K. (singer/songwriter/musician/producer)

Year of formation:
I’ve been writing songs since around 2006/07, Tigermask became a thing around 2014 when I began recording Ovum.


Alternative/Psychedelic Folk-Rock

Past release/s:
Ovum (LP/2015)
Timeless (single/2019)

Upcoming release:
Cocoon (album/30th July 2021)

The artist is saying:
“When I was around 13 years old, I became very ill. I managed to finish school, but my health gradually got worse as I got older, lasting into my late teens. I became more and more isolated as time went on. It was during this period that I began writing, mostly as a way of venting the frustration and emotion I had no other way of expressing.

The writing slowly evolved into “song” form at a time I’d also started teaching myself how to play the guitar and piano, as well as teaching myself how to record/produce music (I originally wanted to be a dj, but got drawn in by the likes of Bob Dylan / JimiHendrix etc!) – I decided I wanted to tell the story of my decline into ill health and eventual recovery, through music, and so the concept of recording a trilogy of albums was born. Ovum, Cocoon and Moth (which I have not yet recorded).

The story has since taken on a little more of a fantasy element (inspired in part by the kind of myths you find in Blues and Folk music), while Ovum has a diary-like, confessional feel in places, I’ve tried to take Cocoon in a little more of a cinematic direction.

I’m inspired by film as much as any music. If you imagine Spaghetti Westerns vs David Lynch….. that’s the kind of feel I’m going for with my music! It’s been important to me that I record everything myself and soak up as much of my home surroundings as possible to try and keep the concept as honest as I could – both Ovum and Cocoon were recorded at home in a bedroom ‘studio’, making use of around 12-13 instruments I’ve accumulated and learned to play over the years (guitar, piano, banjo, ukulele, violin, cello and harp to name a few).

Tigermask was born when I began getting my life back together. Up until fairly recently, I’ve been quite private about my creative side, keeping it hidden from friends/family, and it sounds stupid, but by creating this character, I feel it’s helped me to remain open/honest with my songwriting in way I wouldn’t have been otherwise.”

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Credits (header pic & artwork for album “Cocoon”): Tigermask