UNEARTHED #12 – EXTENDED MIXTAPE broadcast #020 from 09/12/2022

You are currently viewing UNEARTHED #12 – EXTENDED MIXTAPE broadcast #020 from 09/12/2022

The extended mixtape for the programme UNEARTHED #12 from 12.09.2022 contains a lot of other tracks that were not played in the programme due to unavailability.

The hip-hop/rap tracks by the British producer IRN MNKY are unfortunately missing completely, but there are two hours of exquisite crossover jazz, jazz hop and trip hop. Those who like jazz and hip-hop beats will love this mixtape, because it contains not only the available artists from the show but also classics of the genre such as You Wish or Les Nuits by Nightmares On Wax as an introduction, but also many favorites by Howie B., Lemon Jelly, Quantic, Yonderboi, Savages and Brian Witzig, which you should definitely have heard. A mixtape for pleasant chilling, relaxing and de-stressing in the evening hours or whenever you need it.