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Name of the artist:

Members, line-up or contributors:
Jaba Verzellenberg (composition, instruments & vocals)
Sometimes the help of the lovely J.S. (vocals)

Year of origin/formation:

Past releases:
Several albums and singles, incl:
Álfablót (2020)
Nine Worlds Within (2020)
Dancing with you shadows (2021)

Description of the music/project:
Sagason draws upon the stories of Pagan mythology, occult mysticism, and ancient Nordic and German folklore to produce magical cinematic soundscapes that harness the ability to teleport the listener away from the stresses of life to the very settings that inspired these songs. Created purely by traditional natural instruments, the human voice, and sounds of nature, Sagason is able to forge an all-encompassing immersion into mystic cultures through his atmospheric layerings and instrumentation. Sagason’s natural interest in the occult, and passion for the arts through music and painting, all shine through each track as each new album tells a fresh story from start to finish.

The Netherlands-born musician Sagason, now residing in Germany (Wolfsburg), continues to compose and release his original music inspired by the magi’s, the merlins and the shamans, by the sagas, the mystics and magic.

Please share with us, what is to be expected in the near future:
There will be coming a new album very soon. There are also some collaborations with some other pagan oriented artists in the making.

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Credits (header pic): Sagason, credits (artwork for upcoming album): Sagason