ZACK ZACK ZACK’s video premiere for “Sekretariat” today

You are currently viewing ZACK ZACK ZACK’s video premiere for “Sekretariat” today

After the release of their debut album “Album 1” on November 5th 2021, ZACK ZACK ZACK celebrate today the premiere of their music video for the instrumental track “Sekretariat”.

The clip was created in collaboration with New York indie filmmaker Rob Barriales and shows a young woman jogging through downtown New York. While she starts out lightheartedly pursuing her workout, the run gradually turns into a nightmare. The video clearly addresses the perceived and actual threat posed by the “stronger sex,” which women, who navigate through the world alone, are confronted with on an almost daily basis. At the same time, however, it contains an equally clear message of self-empowerment – a reminder of a force that can move mountains and prevail even against seemingly stronger opponents. Contrasting with the scenery is the calm mood of the title, which decelerates the images and conveys a kind of serenity. Almost as if the positive outcome for the protagonist is certain… We love it and will certainly click on that repeat button several times now!


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